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Lot 136

Dinosaur Tail With Streamer Feathers in Amber

99 million years old (Cretaceous)
Origin: Hukawng Valley, Myanmar
Weight (approx): 2.91 grammes / 14.55 carats
Dimensions (approx): 40 x 13 x 8mm
Shape: Freeform
Verification: Confocal microscopy

Condition: Good
Estimate: £800 - £1,200
Hammer price: £800
Bidding ended. Lot has been sold.

From Advanced Amber Kretaceous Zoologia archive, a burmite amber fossil specimen containing immaculate feathered dinosaur remnants. Most protofeathers found in Cretaceous amber are very small indeed and often need magnification. This piece of amber contains various unidentified vertebrate remains but the highlight is the incredible tail that has a perfectly aligned and perfectly preserved set of streamer protofeathers. This piece has a tail that does not need scanning or magnification to be appreciated and hits the viewer with a real WOW effect. The photo provided shows the magnificent tail feather looking at the front of the amber specimen, and the reverse side has partial remnants of the dinosaur that sported this tail. If you would like to see the reverse side of this high-end museum piece you are going to have to purchase it. Other highlights include the fact that this amber is highly transparent without any darkness and just a pleasing light golden colour. The picture you see is not just a feather, the central shaft has dozens of streaming feathers coming out symmetrically on both sides of the central tail shaft. Perfect for making jewelry such as a pendant making this the ultimate gift for those that prefer genuine dinosaurs in real gemstones rather than a cheap replica.

Natural History, Fossils, Minerals

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