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Lot 48

▲ Chakana/Inca Cross

A forged iron and masterpiece that was designed by Garden Designer Richard Marti, and made by Italian Artist Blacksmith Claudio Bottero, finished with 24k gold leaf on a limestone base

the Cross itself is 115cm high by 115cm high by 10cm deep.
the overall dimensions including the limestone base is 144cm high by 140cm wide by 76cm deep

Condition: it comes in 40 pieces and is fixed together with stainless steel pins.
Estimate: £25,000 - £40,000
Bidding ended. Lot is unsold.

Richard Marti and Claudio Bottero started their collaboration in 2017, of which this was the first project they made together. It was part of Richard’s show garden for 3 years where he had created an Inca theme inspired by his many visits to Machu Picchu and the sacred valley of Peru. It’s made from solid iron in 40 sections, giving a total weight of 750kg. It’s gilded with 24carat gold leaf and sit’s on a limestone base that comes from Canton Glarus where Richard lives! The whole sculpture is fitted together like a very complex puzzle using stainless steel rods and bolts, which are capped neatly with forged iron plates of which one is stamped Bottero-Marti

Claudio Bottero is well known as the greatest Artist Blacksmith in the world, especially in the Artist Blacksmith community! 

Born in 1957 in Torreselle Italy where he still lives and works, he had the great opportunity in his early career to work together with the world famous artist Toni Benetton from where he learned much about the craft which is he is very passionate about. His work has been exhibited all over the world, and has one numerous awards in blacksmithing competitions. What Claudio can do with Metal is a mystery to many in his own profession, making iron seem like soft clay! 

The Chakana sculpture was something totally new and presented challenges never seen before! Between Richard & Claudio they managed to create a piece of artwork that is also an engineering marvel, which greatly reflects the megalithic stonework in Peru from which this piece was inspired.


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