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Lot 138

Complete Feathered Dinobird in Amber

99 million years old (Cretaceous)
Origin: Hukawng Valley, Myanmar
Weight (approx): 3.84 grammes / 19.20 carats
Dimensions (approx): 27 x 23 x 10mm
Shape: Freeform
Verification: Preliminary micro CT scan x-ray and confocal microscopy

Condition: Good
Estimate: £2,500 - £4,000
Hammer price: £2,500
Bidding ended. Lot has been sold.

From Advanced Amber Kretaceous Zoologia archive, a burmite amber fossil specimen containing a Cretaceous flying creature that is almost 100% complete from head to tail. The underside of this creature reveals classic protofeathers or feathers of birds that were very near the beginning of their evolutionary chain. Looking with a naked eye the entire form of the animal is clearly visible. This animal has far more on offer than its cute meticulously preserved skeleton. When viewed under magnification one can admire its incredibly tiny fine protofeathers and the head has a centurion style crest of feathers coming up from its head. Underneath the animal is a much larger protofeather that we suspect may have been part of its nest or maybe from its mother. Not only is the amber very clear it is very much 3-dimensional unlike the dark brown squished pancake ones in commercial science magazines. 

Natural History, Fossils, Minerals

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