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Lot 439

Rowland Ward: A white Rhinoceros head

early 20th century
110cm high by 137cm deep

Condition: The front horn is not original and may well have left Wards that way. It is some sort of composite. The rear horn is right. There is a small split to the skin see image. The muzzle and ears have been relatively recently repainted whether over old/recent restoration impossible to say. For a rhino of this age condition is good really.
Estimate: £12,000 - £18,000
Bidding ended. Lot is unsold.

Lots 435-442 come from the collection of Lieutenant-Colonel Walter Hall (1891-1980) – soldier, Member of Parliament and a fanatical hunter of big game. After his death the specimens featured became the property of the celebrated gun company Holland and Holland and were kept at their country shooting centre near Ruislip.

Two of the pieces are of particular interest. The enormous Cape Buffalo (Syncerus caffer) head is of such spectacular proportions that it was chosen to be shown at the important exhibition of big game trophies held in Berlin during 1937 under the auspices of the Nazi party. Apparently, Hitler himself attended. The Rhino head is also of considerable significance. The vast majority of antique rhino heads are Black Rhinos (Diceros bicornis) but this specimen is of a White Rhino (Ceratotherium simum) a species that was only preserved on comparatively rare occasions.


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