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Start date Monday, 5 September 2022 End date Wednesday, 28 September 2022

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Among the highlights is a collection of monumental sculptures based on TV and film props created by Rod and Louis Vass, who set up Armordillo Ltd, a company specialising in designing and creating sculptural props for films, shows and events. During his long career Rod worked for the BBC (on such classics as Doctor Who and Black Adder) and for Warner Bros, Disney, Marvel and DC. Over the last decade he has been joined by his son Louis, who has added his sophisticated digital sculpting skills to Armordillo's portfolio. Among them are three monumental polyurethane resin heads, which were made for the TV series Beowulf. They are each almost two and a half metres high and are estimated at £3,000 - £5,000 each, one of the heads has been designed to fit around a tree.

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Rod Vass

This is a sealed bid auction and all bids must be received by 16.00 BST Wednesday 28th September

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All bids must be received by 16.00 BST Wednesday 28th September

For further details on how the sealed bid auction works visit Information for Buyers

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Total lots: 334

Lot Title Estimate Hammer price
410 A large aragonite specimen
92cm wide
£350 - £500 - View
411 An aragonite specimen
£350 - £500 - View
412 A malachite freeform
20cm wide
£300 - £500 - View
413 An amethyst geode with calcite crystals
29cm by 27cm
£500 - £800 - View
414 A cobra jasper sphere
22cm diameter
£850 - £1,000 £850 View
415 A quartz geode in two halves
together 55cm by 54cm
£700 - £1,000 - View
416 A collection of six semi precious stone spheres
to include fruit jasper, moonstone, moss agate, serpentine and agate
the largest 10cm diameter
£400 - £600 £400 View
417 A lapis lazuli veneered football
20cm diameter
£600 - £1,000 - View
418 A large fossil wood sphere
28cm diameter
£1,000 - £1,500 £1,200 View
419 A large fossil Lepidodendrom wood sphere
Pensylvania, USA
18cm diameter

Lepidodendrom was one of the commonest trees in the abundant forests of the carboniferous period but it is extremely rare to find an example with such…
£500 - £700 £1,300 View
420 Two fossil wood bowls
the larger 31cm wide
£600 - £1,000 £600 View
421 A petrified wood platter
45cm diameter
£350 - £450 - View
422 A petrified wood platter
46cm diameter
£400 - £800 £350 View
423 Pyritised sand dollars
Illinois, USA
on metal stand
62cm high overall
£350 - £500 £320 View
424 A large polished Phyloceras ammonite
£1,200 - £1,400 - View
425 A large fossilised wood branch section
£1,200 - £1,800 - View
426 A unusual fossil wood branch
approx. 100 mya
84cm long
£500 - £800 £300 View
427 A pair of petrified wood cubes
each 10cm square
£300 - £500 £300 View
428 A very rare Cave Lion (panthera spelaea) skull
Siberia (Russia), Pleistocene radio carbon dated to 48,000 years ago
lacking lower jaw
30cm long by 20cm wide; teeth 4.2 cm (canines)
£15,000 - £25,000 £13,000 View
429 A lioness
full mount on rocky outcrop
late 20th century
115cm high by 215cm long
£4,000 - £6,000 - View
430 A set of four Ledot of Paris wall cases
late 19th century
comprising a brace of woodcock, golden plover, red-legged partridge and thrushes
58cm high
£500 - £800 - View
1312 A base cut agate geode
20cm high
£200 - £300 - View

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