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This is an online Timed Auction running from 10th-24th October.
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Zimbabwean 'Shona' Sculpture
Start date Tuesday, 10 October 2023 End date Tuesday, 24 October 2023 Summers Place Auctions
Category: Sealed Bid
Type: Sealed Bid Auction
Departments: Garden Statuary
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10 Oct 2023
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A Celebration of the Unique Stone Carving Tradition of Zimbabwe -  A major auction of the country's leading sculptors

Whilst most of the traditional African tribal artefacts were crafted in less durable materials such as wood, Zimbabwean sculptors are unique in having access to various local stone mines over the centuries.

To honour the movement and to preserve the integrity of techniques crafted over generations the Shona artists continue to work using traditional tools and methodology. It also enables the sculptors to form a closer relationship with the stone they are carving, each of which have different properties. In a raw state many of the stones are very nondescript in appearance, rather like uncut diamonds but in the hands of a skilled carver the inner beauty in a myriad of different colours and natural striations is revealed. Sometimes the sculptor will leave some of the original surface of the stone providing extra textural contrasts.

Summers Place Auctions is now celebrating this phenomenon and the unique diversity of the sophisticated and powerful Zimbabwean sculpture with this online auction which includes works by three generations of sculptors including some of the most famous first generation sculptors as well as some of the most talented third generation ones and the best of the second generation artists

This is a Timed Online auction

Running from 10th October - 24th October.

Viewing by appointment

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