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Lot Title Estimate Hammer price
248 A painted Passe-Boule game board of a Dandy modern 88cm high by 42cm wide £300 - £400 - View
249 A painted Passe-Boule game board of a Jester modern 86cm high by 42cm wide £300 - £400 - View
250 A painted Passe-Boule game board of a Nobleman modern 86cm high by 42cm wide £300 - £400 - View
251 A painted Passe-Boule game board of a soldier modern 88cm high by 42cm wide £300 - £400 £500 View
252 The following signs were originally sold at Summers Place Auctions in 2013, by Westminster City council following the upgrading of all their... £1,500 - £2,500 £2,750 View
253 A rare oak and upholstered tennis umpire‘s chair early 20th century with hinge score table 140cm high, together with a pair of iron and painted... £150 - £250 - View
254 A Victorian cast iron stick stand in the form of the infant Hercules wrestling with a snake 2nd half 19th century the lift out drip tray with... £600 - £1,000 £601 View
255 A wrought iron and brass corner baker‘s stand French, 2nd half 19th century 190cm high by 70cm wide £400 - £600 £655 View
256 A Jacques and Sons croquet set early 20th century with mallet, balls, iron hoops with ground sleeves, iron hoop gauge, marker posts and other... £250 - £400 £400 View
257 A painted pine Gypsy chest 19th century with painted front and iron side handles 47cm high by 120cm long by 46cm deep Painted trunks of this sort... £500 - £800 - View
258 A similar painted pine chest 47cm high by 120cm long by 46cm deep £500 - £800 - View
259 A Georgian bronze bell signed THOs Mears, London fecit 1801 40cm high Thomas Mears was born in Whitechapel in 1781 and admitted into the Company of... £1,000 - £1,500 £1,654 View
260 An Edwardian copper rain gauge by J. Hicks early 20th century stamped J.Hicks and with MO stamp for Meteorological Office and 1755/34 enclosing lift... £80 - £120 £105 View
261 A painted wood and tin model of a horse drawn omnibus early 20th century 60cm long £200 - £400 £150 View
262 A rare beech and pine dog‘s bed mid 19th century with later upholstery 115cm wide £250 - £400 £267 View
263 A late Georgian lead hopper early 19th century decorated with an armorial seated greyhound 79cm high by 77cm wide, together with a lead hare, 56cm... £200 - £400 £180 View
264 A wrought eel stick with later wooden handle 19th century with later handle 135cm long The eels are caught with a spear whilst they are lying in the... £200 - £300 £300 View
265 An unusual iron and wood peat spade with an earl‘s coronet and monogrammed H, 133cm high, together with a railway man‘s iron and wood pin extractor... £80 - £120 - View
266 An ebonised wood Tiki bar together with two stools 130cm wide The history of the Tiki Bar can be traced back to 1934 when Texas born Earnest Raymond... £500 - £800 - View
267 A 200 bottle wine rack with lockable doors together with a 100 bottle lockable wrought iron wine rack, French, late 19th century, 110cm high by 56cm... £250 - £400 £400 View
268 A wrought and sheet iron weathervane mid 20th century 183cm high by 80cm wide £300 - £500 £380 View
269 A four handled terracotta pot Anti-Atlas mountains, Skowra, Morocco 63cm high £250 - £400 £250 View
270 A large terracotta pot High Atlas, Berber, Morocco, 19th century or earlier 86cm £400 - £600 - View
271 A carved wood pestle and mortar Anti-Atlas mountains, Berber, Morocco, 19th century or earlier 87cm overall £200 - £300 £300 View

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