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Evolution #natureisart
Auction date Tuesday, 23 November 2021 13:00 - 17:00 GMT Summers Place Auctions
Category: Live
Type: Live Auction
Departments: Natural History
Catalogue Launch Date:
1 Nov 2021

Highlight of this Evolution sale is a  rare and impressive Tylosaur skeleton (Lot 142) from Kansas. It is from the late Cretaceous, so approximately 100-66 million years old and an impressive 620cm long. A type of mosasaurs were a group of gigantic marine reptiles that ruled the seas in the Cretaceous period while the dinosaurs reigned supreme on the land. Although both groups became extinct at around the same time. One of the largest species of mosasaur lived in the ancient sea that once covered the land we now know as Kansas. It was a huge and ferocious creature and is scientifically named a Tylosaur. This particular example is one of only very few specimens that have ever left the USA and is estimated at £70,000 - £120,000

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