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Auction date Tuesday, 22 November 2022 13:00 - 17:00 GMT

This sale includes natural history, large fossils, impressive minerals and taxidermy

Viewing available by appointment only from 7th November 

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All the fish (Lots 1-68) come from the celebrated collection which for many years decorated the famous Flowerpot Inn near Henley.  This Inn was a mecca for those interested in fishing as it was situated just a few yards from a beautiful stretch of the River Thames and contained a very extensive collection of preserved fish trophies.  Those interested, can find a variety of videos on You Tube by searching for The Flowerpot near Henley. Click here for two of the most informative videos featuring the collection

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Lot Title Estimate Hammer price
97 A freestanding satyr tragopan
late 20th century
39cm high
£200 - £300 - View
98 A freestanding New Guineau crowned pigeon
20th century
45cm high
£500 - £800 - View
99 A Ruppels vulture
early 20th Century
in later case
64cm high by 61cm wide
£500 - £800 £500 View
100 A pair of Regents honeyeaters
20th century
in later case
25cm high by 39cm wide
£800 - £1,200 £800 View
101 A hyacinth macaw
67cm high by 56cm
£1,200 - £1,800 £1,900 View
102 A rare Capuchin cotinga
20th Century
on branch
29cm high
£800 - £1,200 - View
103 Malloch of Perth: A Golden Eagle
late 19th century
75cm high by 81cm wide
£600 - £1,000 £1,000 View
104 A group of chickens and a duckling
early 20th century
111cm wide
£200 - £300 £340 View
105 A leopard skin
first half 20th century
by repute from the same plantation as Lot 107
£600 - £1,000 - View
106 In the manner of Henry Ward: a wall case of starlings and a chaffinch
late 19th Century
35cm high by 40cm wide
£400 - £600 - View
107 A collection of snake skins
first half 20th century
by repute these represent all the snakes killed on a plantation in one year
***need to identify species***
£100 - £200 - View
108 A lioness
full mount on rocky outcrop
late 20th century
115cm high by 215cm long
£4,000 - £6,000 £2,500 View
109 A hippo skull
late 19th century
mounted on shield
the shield 64cm
£2,000 - £3,000 - View
110 A massive giant clam shell
19th century or earlier
92cm wide
£1,200 - £1,800 £1,500 View
111 A hippo skull
first half 20th century
on shield
the shield 74cm
£2,000 - £3,000 £2,000 View
112 A very unusual folk art pair of black swans
made from mussel shells
late 19th / early 20th century
74cm long
£600 - £1,000 - View
113 A Black rhino skull (Diceros Bicornis)
early 20th century
with metal wall bracket
63cm by 47cm by 37cm
With A10 Ref 627656/01
£2,500 - £4,000 - View
114 A set of three mounted starfish
(poraster superbus and phidiaster spp)
on metal bases
£300 - £500 - View
115 A rare Japanese Giant Spider Crab
(Macrocheira kaempheri ) subadult
mounted on stand
Origin: Trawled at 450 m. West off Mihama Point, Izu Peninsula, Shizuoka, Suruga Bay, Japan, from commercial fisheries (2019)
50cm high by 100cm…
£3,000 - £5,000 - View
116 A massive narwharl tusk (Monodontidae monodon) ***WAITING FOR CA10****
19th century
228cm high, 7cm diameter
£8,000 - £12,000 - View
117 A rare narwhal tusk (Monodontidae Monodon) ***WAITING FOR A10****
19th century
195cm high, 7cm diameter
£6,000 - £10,000 - View
123 An antler convex mirror
84cm diameter

(Please note only the mirror is for sale)
£1,200 - £1,800 - View
124 An antler coffee table
50cm high by 122cm wide by 68cm deep
£2,500 - £4,000 - View
125 ‡ An Edmontosaurs and Triceratops fossil bone assemblage
Lance Formation, USA, Wyoming, late Cretaceous
90cm high
£3,000 - £5,000 - View

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